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Smart Technology in your office powers the food, coffee, & culture your employees want


We deliver custom selections of fresh meals, snacks, & beverages to a hi-tech LeanBox Refrigerator located right in the office. Employees make on-demand purchases using the touchscreen display, or employers provide products for free. Our team stays remotely connected 24×7, and delivery contents and quantities are adjusted based on live data.

Cold Brew Coffee

From early morning to late afternoon, coffee is the organizational lifeblood that gets deadlines met, makes mornings productive, and brings teams together. Cold brew coffee is for workplaces serious about their culture, and their coffee. Fresh brewed coffee kegs from quality sources are delivered automatically, and employees pour a draft whenever they need a boost.


Your body uses water in all its cells, organs, and tissues – every second of every day. Bevi, our next-generation water cooler, lets you hydrate your organization with the same care you’d show your own body. Employees select flat or sparkling beverages through a hi-tech touch screen. They can then add refreshing, organic flavors – or stick with classic H20. Transform the office water-cooler into a multi-purpose beverage station – your employees deserve it!

Changing the way people eat at work

Our buying team samples dozens of products every month to discover the best healthy food from around the world. Each morning, we produce thousands of chef-quality products at our local facility. Together, these sources form a constant stream of fresh product arriving and departing our distribution center.

Fresh meals, salads, sandwiches, and more are delivered every other business day and hand stocked by drivers you know. Every day delivery is available as a premium service.

Employees purchase food at reduced-cost, using a custom touchscreen built seamlessly into the refrigerator itself. We can integrate into almost any existing benefit system, or create one from scratch.

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Real-time purchase information from each refrigerator is relayed to LeanBox HQ. Employees provide simple, direct feedback by voting on the products they demand. Deliveries contents are adjusted based on sales, voting, and waste New products are introduced at the start of every month. Each machine is unique to each client.

Why LeanBox?

Managing office foodservice is tough. LeanBox is easy.

In workplace environments large and small- good options are limited. When it comes to providing employees access to healthy, nourishing food, a bag of chips and a soda doesn’t cut it.

Save Space & Reduce Costs

Cafeterias take up too much space and cost too much money to operate.

Healthy Food

Vending machines are full of junk and can’t provide healthy, balanced meals.

Hassle Free Catering

Managing catering is difficult. It’s hard to time, place, and monitor orders. Getting everyone to eat the same food at the same time? Good luck.

Save Time

Grocery orders drain time. Your employees have better things to do.


What our customers say about us

I’m no longer heading out into the rain, snow or cold to scrounge up a meal. It’s here in the office which is perfect for me.

Kate Zane Rue La La

The employees are ecstatic, they love it, they clean it out on a regular basis. It’s been so successful that we budgeted for more next year.

Dena Quinn Microsoft

I just love the convenience of it. No matter what you’re hungry for, or what time of day it is, there is always something there that appeals to you.

Dave Porter Baystate Financial

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